Smaller ISPs ‘Better’ At Keeping Customers Satisfied


Businesses looking into office telephone system installations with a view to making sure they have the best broadband at work should perhaps consider going through smaller internet service providers (ISPs) like Zen Internet, Utility Warehouse, Plusnet and John Lewis Broadband.

This is because they’re better at keeping their customers happy, new research from Which? has revealed this month (March 16th). Apparently, all four of the aforementioned companies received a customer score of more than 70 per cent, while BT, TalkTalk and Sky received scores of below 50 per cent.

The trade watchdog is now calling on The Committee of Advertising Practice and The Broadcasting Committee of Advertising Practice to tighten regulations with regards to broadband speeds to ensure that those that are advertised match what most customers will actually experience.

“Smaller suppliers are leaving larger rivals in their wake when it comes to the service they provide so we need to see the big players up their game. Ofcom is also currently reviewing this market and we now need it to identify how it plans to ensure broadband customers get a better deal,” executive director of Which? Richard Lloyd remarked.

A recent report in the Western Morning News revealed that rural companies experience slower broadband speeds than their urban counterparts, with Tessa Munt – Lib Dem MP for Wells – saying that the rate of access to superfast broadband in Somerset is not meeting the needs of businesses and residents.

If you’re concerned about your broadband speed at this time, it might be worth considering switching providers to see if they improve.

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