TV White Space Technology Given Green Light


Businesses looking into Samsung 7000 series installations could soon benefit from TV white space technology – gaps in the radio spectrum in frequency bands that can be utilised to provide new wireless applications, appealing because it can travel longer distances and more easily than other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Industry watchdog Ofcom has given its approval for industry to start benefiting from this new form of wireless technology, with some sectors already testing its applications, such as Orkney Islands-based boats and ships turning to it for internet access and new machine to machine networks for Oxfordshire flood defences.

The frequencies are now being used with wireless microphones for programme making and special events, as well as digital terrestrial TV.

“This decision helps ensure the UK takes a leading role in the development of innovative new wireless technology. It is also an important step in helping the UK’s wireless infrastructure evolve effectively and efficiently,” acting chief executive of Ofcom Steve Unger remarked.

White space technology is just one way that the growing demand for data in the country can be met. Ofcom is also intending to free up even more spectrum later in 2015 or early on next year, including the possibility of high speed mobile broadband.

The mobile industry relies on spectrum to offer consumers and businesses internet services on their tablets and smartphones, so the new spectrum bands could be suitable for the provision of high data capacity. Anauction is due to be held for 190 MHz of spectrum in the 2.3 GHz and 3.4 GHz spectrum bands.

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