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Telecom Rentals UK LTD are experts in professional high quality Network Voice and Data cabling and can help plan and review wiring infrastructure and create a stable and efficient foundation for your network and telephone system.

Many Companies only perform selected jobs, such as running cable but are unable to complete the whole job, often requiring you to hire several companies for cabling, terminating, testing and provision of Telephone Lines each of them blaming each other should something go wrong.

Data Network Engineer

Telecoms Rentals UK LTD can perform every one of these jobs for computer and phone Installation, you will be dealing with a single company, avoiding delays, confusion and extra expense.

Data Network Engineer Services

Large or small installations – We Can Help

Network Performance

Research within the IT industry has shown that up to 50% of network related problems are down to the limitations of the network cabling, but companies still only allocate around 2% - 5% funding to address their network cabling needs, and they can (and do) spend a small fortune buying new hardware and software and still be disappointed with their network performance which when investigated their problem has been tracked back to their network cabling not being able to support the speeds / bandwidth demanded from them, because most cabling is out of sight it falls low on the agenda for improvements after all it’s only a bunch of wires.

Moves and Changes

Most moves and changes of personnel or office layouts are simplified when using structured wiring, these can normally be done by the companies own internal IT department which saves time and money because you do not have to wait or pay for external engineers to attend site.
As new technologies become available it’s easier to implement them when using structured wiring. A networks cabling system should be a long term investment that not only covers the current network requirements but also the future network requirements too.


All structured wiring (Cat5e, Cat6 & Cat6a) installed by us are warranted by the manufacturer to either 15 or 25 years this is an assurance that the wiring will perform to current TIA/EIA-568-B specifications for at least that period of time and beyond, most warranties are also transferable should you move premises which will help with the sale of your old premises (wiring may be subject to re-certification before acceptance of transfer of ownership).


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A Wide Variety of Cable Solutions

Computer Network, Fibre & Voice Cabling

We can install computer network wiring (Cat5e, Cat6 & Cat6A), Fibre, and Voice Cabling including all outlets, terminations, testing & documentation, providing customized structure cabling layouts with the ability to expand, upgrade and reconfigure your wiring needs to meet current and future business demands.

Large or small installations – We Can Help

Whether you require structured cabling from a few outlets or many spread across many floors / buildings. Local Data Engineer can help make installation of your new wiring as trouble free as possible.

A Structured wiring solution will allow you to update or expand your computer or telephone network as and when you require. You can move anything connected on your structured wiring freely and at your convenience without added engineering costs.

Our highly skilled engineers ensure implementation of your cabling solution is carried out in accordance with both manufacturer and current TIA/EIA standards and will meet your required time scales.

Our engineers have all the training and experience necessary to install Cat5e Cat6 Cat6a copper cabling, single mode and multi-mode fibre optics, including standard voice cabling.

Cat5e standard will support up to 1 Gb/s whilst Cat6 standard offers increased bandwidth (and headroom) for future protocols such as 10 Gb/s

If you choose Telecom Rentals UK LTD to install your structured cabling solutions, you can be confident that your infrastructure will be installed to the highest standard.