Top 5 Tips For Telephone Etiquette


Having an excellent telephone manner is essential for businesses in today’s highly competitive world, so follow our top five etiquette tips for using commercial telephone systems and you’ll soon be flying high above the rest.

No interruptions

Make sure that you’re entirely focused on the call at hand and don’t hold other conversations with people in the office while you’re on the phone. If you have to interrupt, make sure you’re polite and excuse yourself properly, thanking them for holding when you come back.

Identify yourself

Always say hello or good morning when answering the phone and identify yourself so the person on the other end knows who they’re dealing with. If appropriate, say what department you’re with as well.

Watch your tone

Do your best to sound confident and authoritative when on the phone and steer clear of coming across rude or aggressive – even if you’re not being. Not being able to see each other while talking means that misunderstandings can often take place, which could prove damaging to your business in the end.

Plan ahead

If you’re making a business call, jot down a few ideas that you want to discuss and any questions that you might have so you don’t forget anything while you’re on the phone.

No food or drink

If you want to represent your business properly while on the phone, save snacking until your lunch break. If you’re on a very long call you might want to keep a glass of water handy in case your mouth runs dry, but apart from that keep any food or drink well out of arm’s reach.

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